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Pilots needed to shut one engine (PW127) down.

Smoke-filled WestJet emergency evac in British Columbia, Canada.

India Directorate of the General of Civil Aviation grounds A320neos

The end of the two pilots in the cockpit?

Airbus and Boeing work on the pilotless cockpit. First, however, could come an intermediate step – airplanes with only one pilot.

They already exist, planes without pilots. For example, BAE Systems, the British defense and aviation group, has been officially testing pilotless flying with a Jetstream 31 for some time now. Both Airbus and Boeing are researching a future without people in the cockpit. They are determined to make the previously unthinkable possible.

The fact that this is not a distant future, said recently Boeings development chief Mike Sinnet. ”I imagine it will happen in less than five years. It will probably take longer for commercial operation », says the researcher. The aircraft manufacturers have not only the reduction of personnel costs in mind but also the security. ”90 percent of accidents in flight accidents were due to human error,” said Airbus CEO Tom Enders once. He is convinced that flying without a pilot will become the standard in the future.

Still, there is a problem. Even if the technology is making rapid progress – the thought of the passengers is poor at the front, no one sits at the front. That’s why there could be an intermediate stage first. Various companies work on concepts of a cockpit with only one pilot. ”We’ll take a look. We will probably see this first in freight transport. The passenger question does not arise there, ”quotes The Guardian Boeing manager Charles Toups.

The maintenance group ST Aerospace showed according to the sheet on the Singapore Air Show a concept for conversion of the cockpit to the single-pilot operation in the context of the conversion of passenger into cargo jets. There is a global interest, says chief operations officer Jeffrey Lam. ”I think the freight companies are watching each other, what the other one is doing. If one does it, others will follow. Because it’s about big cost savings.

There has already been a staff reduction in the cockpit. In the past, a third man was sitting in front. The flight engineer or flight engineer – also known as the third officer – was responsible for monitoring the aircraft systems. They were replaced by the beginning of the eighties by the increasing computerization. Before that, there were some so-called navigators, who took care of the orientation over the sea.

Deal is Sealed

The announced three weeks ago megadeal for the aviation and defense company Airbus is sealed: The Arabian airline Emirates had signed on Sunday in Abu Dhabi, the firm order of 20 planes of the world’s largest passenger jet A380, Airbus said on Sunday.

Niki Lauda gets his airline back

The insolvent Air Berlin subsidiary Niki is surprisingly sold back to its
 founder Niki Lauda. "From a transparent bidding process, Laudamotion GmbH 
emerged today as the best bidder in the early morning hours," the 
insolvency administrators announced in Vienna early Tuesday  morning. 
The creditors' committee unanimously voted in favor of the offer.

2017 A Very Safe Aviation Year

According to the Dutch Aviation Safety Network, fewer people than ever have died in aircraft accidents this year.

According to the preliminary results of the Aviation Safety Network, 2017 was the safest year in civil aviation history. Worldwide, the database registered nine deadly aircraft crashes with a total of 67 deaths by New Year’s Eve, fewer than ever before.


According to the Aircraft Accident Bureau, there are estimated to be more than 3.7 billion airline passengers worldwide each year. The new figures reflect a civil aviation trend that has been ongoing since 1997. The number of accidents continues to decline.

Lufthansa – New design after three decades

Lufthansa will create a new design after three decades. According to the news magazine ”Der Spiegel”, the Kranich logo, which was designed about 100 years ago, should also be slightly modified. The font of the brand name will be outdated, the hull of the machines will wear more blue.

A company spokesman confirmed plans for a new design. CEO Carsten Spohr have repeatedly announced that they want to further develop the brand image of Lufthansa.

According to ”Der Speigel” its not only the outer coating of the 320 machines change. Inside the cabin, there will be minor adjustments. The crane is displayed on hundreds of objects aboard the Lufthansa jets. Lufthansa’s industrial design is one of the best known in the world. Only for the third time after the reestablishment in 1955, the painting is said to fundamentally changed.

Private company launches new search for MH370

KUALA LUMPUR. Almost four years after the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian passenger aircraft MH370 with 239 people aboard a private company to resume the search for the wreck. 
Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said they had accepted a bid from US-based research company Ocean Infintiy. A bonus is paid only in case of success. Ocean Infintiy plans to conduct its search with a modern research vessel in an area of ​​25,000 square kilometers near Australian waters. This area was determined by experts as the likely crash site of the aircraft, Lai said. The Boeing 777 was on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014 when it suddenly disappeared from the radar screens in the middle of the night.