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Why we fart more on flights


Do you feel bloated on the flight ? There is no imagination. The air
pressure makes the fact that we fart more.
Over 60 percent of the pilots complain that they
regularly suffer from bloating, which is significantly
higher proportion compared to other professions,
writes the BBC.
And they are correct to lament.
On average, produces a normal person a liter of gas
and farting ten
times a day. But up where the air pressure is lower and
the air is forced to expand.
If you are an older person, it's not a good idea to try
to withhold
gases - it can be rather harmful.

- If you are young and healthy, it is no problem, but
for a frail
elderly person can exert heart, says the Danish
physician Jacob Rosenberg told the BBC.

The airlines are taking the problem seriously and
ensure that the food on board has low fiber and high
carbohydrate content, which is considered to soothe

Are you concerned about the bloating of the plane
can be fermented soy
solution. According to Canada's space agency 's food
is the perfect airplane food. Fermented soy contains
namely large amounts of probiotic bacteria that
compete with the intestinal microbes that cause the

Otherwise you can buy kolfodrade briefs, which,
according to the American Journal of Gastroenterology
absorb almost 100 percent of the smell.

The list of the safest airlines 2014

Afraid of flying? Then you can choose to travel with Qantas,
Air New Zealand or British Airways. They are the safest in the world,

The Australian airline Qantas peaks again at the top of the Australia
based airsite's annual safety rating.

"Qantas continues to lead the industry with safety innovations and its
fleet is now the youngest - 7.9 years", says Geoffrey Thomas, editor of to CNN.
The ranking is based on a number of factors as death statistics
and surveys made ​​by the transport authorities FAA and ICAO.

The list of most safe airlines:

1. Qantas

2. Air New Zealand

3. British Airways

4. Cathay Pacific Airways

5. Emirates

6. Etihad Airways

7. EVA Air

8. Finnair

9. Lufthansa

10. Singapore Airlines


Take Off Marco Polo, Italy

Most convenient flights to and from USA – Europe

With the latest data from, the map and information below show you how and why you should use these routes to and from USA and Europe. All routes are non-stop.

1 Copenhagen Airport CPH
9 Zurich Airport ZRH

6 Munich Airport MUC
7 Zurich Airport ZRH
8 Copenhagen Airport CPH

5 Zurich Airport ZRH
10 Munich Airport MUC

1 Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport CVG
3 San Francisco International Airport SFO
6 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport ATL

A different and unusual advice is the route from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Flying there from the U.S. is a great alternative since CVG is small and fast. Moreover, the Terminal 2E where you land at CDG is considered among the best at that, otherwise very tiresome airport. Also entering there from Europe should be an excellent alternative to the other US airports which are hard and boring to navigate through.


Suggestions on US airports serving great beer

Suggestions on US airports serving great beer

Avianca re-opens London-Bogota

The airline Avianca re-opens its former direct link between Bogota and London, after 13 years of absence in the British capital.
As of July 3rd, the Colombian national airline will offer four flights a week between its base at the airport in Bogota-El Dorado and London-Heathrow. An Airbus A330-200 with 30 passengers in Business Class and 222 Economy Class will be used.

Air France unveils new business class

Air France as the world number one in terms of quality of services. It is the creed of the CEO Alexander Juniac since his arrival to Air France in autumn 2011 and then to the Air France-KLM in July. Improved flight meals, new services on the ground and on-board, and new seats in all classes of its 44 Boeing 777, the jewel of the fleets long-haul services. ”We will have the best first, the best business class and best economy class,” says Alexander Juniac.

The business class seat has full flat, full access and full privacy . That is to say that this seat is 1.96 m long and 68 cm wide and is convertible into fully horizontal flat bed and not ”slightly tilted” as is the case today. The ”full access” means that all passengers can get up and enter the hallway without straddle into another passenger. This implies a configuration of 4 seats per row ( 1-2-1 ), very rare in airline companies. Finally, the ”full privacy” , provides an opportunity for each passenger to isolate completely through the seating configuration and a removable divider wall between the two chairs in the middle.

airfrance777_business - Kopia

Korean expands at Houston, Texas.

In May the airline Korean Air will launch a new link between Seoul and Houston, but it will at the same time reduce its frequencies to Dallas.
From 2 May 2014 , the national airline of South Korea will offer four flights a week between its base at Incheon Airport Houston – George Bush Intercontinental. Flights take off from Seoul Monday, Wednesday , Friday and Saturday at 9:10 and will land at 8:30 am, and leave Houston again at 10:40. Korean Air will deploy its Boeing 777-200ER.
The Houston Airport accommodates two other Asian airlines, Air China from Beijing and Singapore Airlines from Singapore. From Europe , Air France , British Airways, KLM , Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines are also present.
Korean Air

About air crash investigations


NTSB(National Transportation Safety Board) in the United States.
Air crash investigations are handled by the country where the crash occured.
The main purpose is to explain accidents and provide safety recommendations.

After a crash?

In the US, a ”go-team” of technical experts often immediately travel to the place where the crash occured. The area is treated very similar as to a crime scene. The area is secured, and all evidence are documented, mapped and collected. Most important is to recover the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder. All factors – mechanical, operational, and human performance are taken into account.

Sometimes the governments spends whatever it takes to find out the cause of a crash, both in manpower and money. The 1996 explosion that brought down TWA Flight 800 is a great example of that. A small ”army” of people were involved in that investigation.


First converted Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F scrapped

Lufthansa Cargo has scrapped its first MD-11 freighters . The machine with the registration D-ALCO is one of the oldest jets and has been transferred from Frankfurt to Tulsa/Oklahoma. First there will be a spare parts recovery and after that the plane will be scrapped.11F_D_ALCO

The jet is the first of two MD-11F who leaves the fleet. As replacement a new twin-engine Boeing 777F is going to serve, with a higher payload with lower fuel consumption and noise emissions. Lufthansa had assumed the first new cargo plane in November 2013. Currently there are two Triple Seven in the fleet. A total of five Boeing 777F are ordered and options for another five freighters.

The Boeing 777F can fly up to 9070 km, with a maximum payload of 102 tons. GE90-110B1L engines from General Electric will be used. The MD-11F can carry 95 tons and consumes significantly more fuel. In addition, maintenance costs are also higher because of the three engines.

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