Delta Air Lines introduces new sleeping kits and new amenities in Economy class

Delta Air Lines has introduced new sleeping kits and new amenities for passengers seated in the Economy cabin on flights to and from Argentina , Brazil, Chile and Peru . The sleeping kits will be offered to each passenger by the flight attendants and include individual masks and earplugs to help customers get a better break to travel between continents.

In South America , starting this winter in the Economy cabin customers also receive a bottle of mineral water after food service and new boxes of snacks for flights arriving in the morning. These improvements in travel experience customers are part of Delta ’s ongoing commitment to become the best airline in the U.S. in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Passengers flying Economy cabin on all flights to and from Latin America and the Caribbean will receive complimentary refurbished hearing aids for use with the entertainment system in every seat of Delta and may stay with them. Delta is the only carrier in the U.S. offering custom -demand entertainment at every seat on long-haul international flights.

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