Extreme cold hinders traffic at O’Hare, Chicago

United Express de-iced at O’Hare

Icy temperatures hinder traffic in the Midwestern United States on Wednesday. Hundreds of flights were canceled at the Chicago O’Hare hub and adjacent Midway airport. The website ”Flightaware” reported on Wednesday at daybreak local time that Southwest alone in Chicago 591 flights canceled. Skywest canceled 207 flights, Air Wisconsin 191, United 129 and ExpressJet 101 flights. Other airlines had to make deletions. Overall, more than 2,700 flights were reported on Tuesday and Wednesday, including more than 1,500 flights in the Greater Chicago area.

Reason is due to record cold heavily disabled operations. Also, the railway company Amtrak had to cease operations in the greater Chicago area. In the current cold frostbite threatened after four minutes of all unprotected skin. For Thursday, a warming to almost ”summery” minus 16 degrees is predicted, which is likely to cope with the severe winter quite accustomed Midwestern US better again.


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