Japan Airlines most punctual in 2013

Japanese company Japan Airlines was the most punctual in 2013 among major airlines with an international network, according to the latest ranking of the website FlightStats.
In the category of international flights Japan Airlines leads with 93.11% of its flights departing on time and 88.94% of its flights arriving on time in 2013. FlightStats tracked more than 129,300 flights to the Japanese company to achieve these percentages. The other finalists for the top 10 are in order KLM, All Japan Airlines, Iberia, SAS, Saudia, Delta Air Lines, Air New Zealand, Lufthansa and Korean Airlines.

In the category of large network airlines (including regional flights), still Japan Airlines is the most punctual. The other finalists are Finnair, KLM, Copa Airlines, Alaska Airlines, All Japan Airlines, SAS, Lufthansa, Air News Zealand, and Alitalia.

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