Less take-offs and landings at airports in Bavaria in 2013

The Bavarian airports Munich, Nuremberg and Memmingen experienced fewer takeoffs and landings last year. The passenger volume remained unchanged.
nurnbergThere is less traffic on the three largest airports in Bavaria. Around 424 300 takeoffs and landings in 2013 , there were at the airports in Munich , Nuremberg and Memmingen – these were 5.2 percent less than last year, as the State Statistical Office announced in Munich on today. The total number of air passengers remained unchanged at just under 42.8 million . Three quarters of the passengers flew abroad or came from abroad.

At Munich Bavaria’s largest airport passenger numbers rose in 2013 despite five percent decrease in take-offs and landings ( 368,000 ) to 38.6 million (+0.8 percent). Around 76 percent of the passengers came from abroad or flown abroad. The volume of cargo (including mail) was (-1.0 percent), with almost 302 300 tonnes.

Nuremberg registered more than 47,300 takeoffs and landings (-4.5 percent), the number of passengers amounted to over 3.3 million eight percent below the previous year’s level . Around 65 percent of the local passengers were foreign passengers.

The over 837,000 passengers used the airport Memmingen in 2013 were almost exclusively foreign travelers. Passenger numbers were at the airport in the Allgäu by 3.5 percent , the takeoffs and landings fell to 8,500 ( -17.6 percent).

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