Crash accident Aerosucre Boeing 727 at Puerto Carreño – Dec 20 2016

Take off through fence

Flight path and crash


PSA Airlines Canadair CRJ-700 strikes a deer !

Flight AA5320 from Charlotte to Gulfport. Deer strike damages the wing prompting emergency landing.

deer_strike_planePhoto: Shelby Myers



Airbus approaching Boeing sales

The company’s orders increased by 8%, reports Reuters.

Swedish Company First Out in Europe with MRJ90 ?


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2016.07.11 Rockton signs LOI with Mitsubishi Aircraft for purchase of up to 20 MRJ
– First European company and second lessor in MRJ program to select the MRJ

Greek Airports On The Right Path?

ACI EUROPE Airport Traffic Report – January 2015 reports some positive figures for some Greek Airports:

Athens: +28.1%

Heraklion: +16.4% – mainly tourist destination

Chania: +103.9% – mainly tourist destination

Mikonos: +54.1% – mainly tourist destination

Thessaloniki: +40%


Full flight Houston IAH – Chicago ORD (United 737-9)

Landing at Fraport

Why we fart more on flights


Do you feel bloated on the flight ? There is no imagination. The air
pressure makes the fact that we fart more.
Over 60 percent of the pilots complain that they
regularly suffer from bloating, which is significantly
higher proportion compared to other professions,
writes the BBC.
And they are correct to lament.
On average, produces a normal person a liter of gas
and farting ten
times a day. But up where the air pressure is lower and
the air is forced to expand.
If you are an older person, it's not a good idea to try
to withhold
gases - it can be rather harmful.

- If you are young and healthy, it is no problem, but
for a frail
elderly person can exert heart, says the Danish
physician Jacob Rosenberg told the BBC.

The airlines are taking the problem seriously and
ensure that the food on board has low fiber and high
carbohydrate content, which is considered to soothe

Are you concerned about the bloating of the plane
can be fermented soy
solution. According to Canada's space agency 's food
is the perfect airplane food. Fermented soy contains
namely large amounts of probiotic bacteria that
compete with the intestinal microbes that cause the

Otherwise you can buy kolfodrade briefs, which,
according to the American Journal of Gastroenterology
absorb almost 100 percent of the smell.

The list of the safest airlines 2014

Afraid of flying? Then you can choose to travel with Qantas,
Air New Zealand or British Airways. They are the safest in the world,

The Australian airline Qantas peaks again at the top of the Australia
based airsite's annual safety rating.

"Qantas continues to lead the industry with safety innovations and its
fleet is now the youngest - 7.9 years", says Geoffrey Thomas, editor of to CNN.
The ranking is based on a number of factors as death statistics
and surveys made ​​by the transport authorities FAA and ICAO.

The list of most safe airlines:

1. Qantas

2. Air New Zealand

3. British Airways

4. Cathay Pacific Airways

5. Emirates

6. Etihad Airways

7. EVA Air

8. Finnair

9. Lufthansa

10. Singapore Airlines


Scandinavian Airlines starts flying to Hong Kong from Stockholm

SAS begins in September 2015 fly directly
to Hong Kong from Stockholm/Arlanda.
There will be five flights a week.

Stockholm: JetTime in grey colors

Stockholm: JetTime in grey colors

There is yet no information about what aircraft
which will operate the route, it's likely to be
the Airbus A330 and Airbus A340.
Today there is no regular direct flights to
Hong Kong from Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
From Helsinki in Finland , Finnair operates
direct flight to Hong Kong. Finnair operates
line with one daily departure with the Airbus A340.