Ryanair – allowing passengers to choose their favorite seat in advance .

From the 1st February 2014, all flights will operate with a system of allocated seats, allowing passengers to choose their favorite seat in advance.

Thus, travelers on the low-cost Irish airline can select their favorite seat when they book or at their online registration with three seat options :

The premium seat option:(rows 1-5 16, 17 & 32.33) offers customers priority boarding and more leg room. 10 euros(the same amount as the current cost for reservation of seats).

The standard seat option:(rows 6-15 & 18-31) allows customers to pre-select their preferred window or aisle seats or be certain they will be seated next to each other for an additional 5 Euros( priority boarding can be added for an additional 2 euros).

Those who do not wish to pre-select their seats, can register online for a period of 7 days to 2 hours before the flight and will be assigned a seat for free(seats allocated for free will not be available before 7 days preceding each departure).

Customers who already have their priority boarding for flights taking place after 1 February 2014 may select a standard seat free of charge when registering online.
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