Ryanair Incident: Furious passengers rampage in aircraft

They sweared at the flight attendants and plundered the alcohol Inventories. The low-cost airline passengers were so angry that they were abusive by an unscheduled stopover. Eyewitnesses speak of barbaric behavior.

Quite a lot went wrong on a Ryanair flight from Rabat in Morocco to Paris: First, the machine had an unscheduled landing in Madrid. French media reported about a medical emergency on board. The delay meant that no landing was possible because of a ban on night flights at the destination airport Paris.

The flight attendants announced that they therefore would end up in Nantes. The passengers would be quartered in hotels and brought to Paris the next day by bus. The planned two and a half hour journey time was prolonged to approximately 24 hours.

Passengers reacted with unusual aggression, as the newspaper ”Metro News” reported. An employee of the airport in Nantes said: ”They scoured the plane for food, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and perfume. Anything of value and behaved towards the cabin crew and ground staff like animals..” Airline employees described the behavior as ”barbaric” and ”extremely disrespectful”.

A passenger tried to explain the anger: ”After seven hours in an airplane – instead of the planned two and a half – you have to eat! We just helped ourselves..”

The incident took place on 11 January, but has not been known until now. On the following morning, a bus took the passengers to Paris. Ryanair apologizes to all passengers who were affected by the delay, said a spokesman for the airline.

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