Who was D.B. Cooper

D.B. Cooper (also known as Dan Cooper, DB Cooper) is a pseudonym used by a hijacker who, November 24, 1971, after receiving a ransom of $200,000, parachuted from the back of a Boeing 727 while flying over the region of the Pacific Northwest of the United States.cooper - kopia
No conclusive evidence has identified the location of Cooper and several competing theories explaining what happened after the jump. The only clues that were found in the case are ambiguous: about 6 000 USD, stranded on the shores of the Columbia River and a portion of a symbol supposed to belong to the rear stairway of the plane from which Cooper jumped. The nature of the case and the uncertainty of what happened to him continue to intrigue the public. In 2012, the Cooper case (code name Norjak by FBI) remains unresolved but a new suspect comes into play: a woman claimed to be the niece of D.B. Cooper.

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