Attraction and admiration – T2 Mumbai inaugurated

T2 promises far superior passenger experience and will enhance the stature of Mumbai, the birthplace of Indian aviation, thanks to its unique design and grand facilities. “T2 is another milestone in Indian aviation, especially Mumbai which is an infrastructure deficit city. It should inspire the Maharashtra government to fast-track pending infrastructure projects. The look and feel of the new terminal is excellent. This will result in a positive customer experience,” Kapil Kaul, CEO South Asia, Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA)

Fantastic. Time for Indian airports to look world class. One just hopes
that despite all the glitter and glamour, the basic facilities – clean
working toilets that don’t stink or have clogged basins, water fountain
for passengers to drink water, mosquito free lounges for transit
passengers to relax etc. are available. It’s not much to ask for. One
just has to look at airports in other middle income countries such as
South Africa to realize that it’s well within reach, just takes will
power and some civic sense.


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