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First converted Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F scrapped

Lufthansa Cargo has scrapped its first MD-11 freighters . The machine with the registration D-ALCO is one of the oldest jets and has been transferred from Frankfurt to Tulsa/Oklahoma. First there will be a spare parts recovery and after that the plane will be scrapped.11F_D_ALCO

The jet is the first of two MD-11F who leaves the fleet. As replacement a new twin-engine Boeing 777F is going to serve, with a higher payload with lower fuel consumption and noise emissions. Lufthansa had assumed the first new cargo plane in November 2013. Currently there are two Triple Seven in the fleet. A total of five Boeing 777F are ordered and options for another five freighters.

The Boeing 777F can fly up to 9070 km, with a maximum payload of 102 tons. GE90-110B1L engines from General Electric will be used. The MD-11F can carry 95 tons and consumes significantly more fuel. In addition, maintenance costs are also higher because of the three engines.

Sochi Airport terminal tested ahead of Olympics

January 18, 2014 – Bazel Aero Inc., which is part of the large Russian industrial group Bazovy Element has tested a new Sochi Airport Terminal Specially built to meet athletes and organized fan groups during the Winter Olympics.
”The tests have shown that the D-terminal is ready to support the Games participants and guests”, the company said in a press release. According Bazel Aero president Leonid Sergeyev ,the terminal will be operating at capacity during the Olympic Games.sochi
Temporary Sochi Airport Terminal D, which will operate for the 2014 Winter Olympics , has a capacity of 420 passengers per hour and occupies an area of ​​approximately 2600 square feet.
”There are plans to use it to support the athletes and fans groups during the Olympics, ” the press release reads. ” With this in mind , customs and border areas have not been set on the terminal, along with four check – in standing and 46 passport control stands. ”
The opening of the terminal is a new additional step in the development of Sochi airport and its traffic capacity, which is one of the International Olympic Committee’s requirements. On peak days, when most of the Olympic athletes and guests are expected to arrive at the airport will be able to service up to 52,000 passengers a day ,officials say .
A passenger flow optimization scheme developed has been specially at the airport Sochi for the 2014 Olympics. There are three terminals – A, B and C – operating in the main airport zone on a permanent basis. Terminal A is reserved for Aeroflot and S7 flights ,domestic flights Terminal B services from other operators ,Terminal C, international flights.

Pre-check does not apply to Non-US citizens

For foreigners the hazzle with the security points at US airports will continue. But, if you are a permanent and lawful resident you can avoid this by applying for a TSA expedited screening program. This means that in practice for $85/5-years faster access to the terminals – because it allows travelers to leave on their shoes, light outerwear and belt; keep their laptop in its case; and keep 3 1 1 compliant liquids/gels bag in a carry-on bag.


Attraction and admiration – T2 Mumbai inaugurated

T2 promises far superior passenger experience and will enhance the stature of Mumbai, the birthplace of Indian aviation, thanks to its unique design and grand facilities. “T2 is another milestone in Indian aviation, especially Mumbai which is an infrastructure deficit city. It should inspire the Maharashtra government to fast-track pending infrastructure projects. The look and feel of the new terminal is excellent. This will result in a positive customer experience,” Kapil Kaul, CEO South Asia, Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA)

Fantastic. Time for Indian airports to look world class. One just hopes
that despite all the glitter and glamour, the basic facilities – clean
working toilets that don’t stink or have clogged basins, water fountain
for passengers to drink water, mosquito free lounges for transit
passengers to relax etc. are available. It’s not much to ask for. One
just has to look at airports in other middle income countries such as
South Africa to realize that it’s well within reach, just takes will
power and some civic sense.


MumbaiTerminal- kopia



United to furlough nearly 700 flight attendants

CHICAGO (AP) – United Airlines plans to furlough 688 flight attendants after it didn’t get enough of them to take a voluntary buyout.

The airline has been shrinking a little, and it announced last year that it is aiming to cut $2 billion in annual expenses. More on this….

Emirates starts daily A-340 flights to Ukraine

Emirates marked its entry into Ukraine on Thursday Jan. 16 as it launched a daily service to Kiev. With this the airline expects to add between 130,000 to 150,000 additional passengers.

LOT receives compensation from Boeing

A Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner flight operated by Polish airline LOT was delayed on Friday Jan. 17 because regular maintenance lasted longer than expected, the airline said.

The jet was replaced with another Dreamliner, allowing the charter flight to take off for its destination in the Dominican Republic, a LOT spokeswoman said.

“The Dominican Republic flight was delayed today. The Dreamliner which was to fly required a slightly longer technical maintenance. So it was replaced with another Dreamliner,” said Barbara Pijanowska-Kuras.

“There was no glitch,” with the aircraft undergoing maintenance she said.

Boeing’s Dreamliners have been dogged with technical problems, the latest on Tuesday when smoke was emitted from the battery of a jet operated by Japan Airlines.

LOT is to receive about $30 million in compensation from Boeing for earlier faults that grounded its Dreamliner jets.

Lisbon – Manaus

On 3rd of June this year TAP Portugal will begin to serve a new destination to Brazil. The new route will be operated as a circulated flight: Lisbon – Manaus – Belem – Lisbon. The airline has never previously served this northern region of Brazil. Coincidentally with the start-up date, Manaus will be one of the cities hosting the World Cup football championships being held in Brazil.

Non-Stop: USA – Africa

The map below shows how sparse it is with non-stop flights between the US and the African continent.

Scandinavian Airlines at Santorini

SAS 737-600 at Santorini, Thira a couple of months ago. The airport is tiny and the lines are very long during the peak months. Off season only Aegean Airlines traffic this wonderful Greek island. DSC01040