Out of fuel

Last month to date has been a rough time for airlines using and for passengers onboard many Boeing 757 aircraft flying from Europe to USA. Due to unusually strong headwinds over the Atlantic Ocean refueling stops has been required, especially for United Airlines which uses the Boeing 757 on many transatlantic routes to and from Europe.
Last month, United said, its 169 seat 757 had to stop 43 times to refuel out of nearly 1,100 flights headed to USA. A year earlier, there were only 12 unscheduled stops on almost the same volume of 757 flights.

Diversion airports used:


Example flight weather on west bound routes from Europe to the US and Canada:

Source: https://flightplanning.navcanada.ca/cgi-bin/CreePage.pl?Langue=anglais&NoSession=NS_Inconnu&Page=forecast-observation&TypeDoc=html

Landing at Goose Bay: The video is not associated with the article.

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