Sochi Airport terminal tested ahead of Olympics

January 18, 2014 – Bazel Aero Inc., which is part of the large Russian industrial group Bazovy Element has tested a new Sochi Airport Terminal Specially built to meet athletes and organized fan groups during the Winter Olympics.
”The tests have shown that the D-terminal is ready to support the Games participants and guests”, the company said in a press release. According Bazel Aero president Leonid Sergeyev ,the terminal will be operating at capacity during the Olympic Games.sochi
Temporary Sochi Airport Terminal D, which will operate for the 2014 Winter Olympics , has a capacity of 420 passengers per hour and occupies an area of ​​approximately 2600 square feet.
”There are plans to use it to support the athletes and fans groups during the Olympics, ” the press release reads. ” With this in mind , customs and border areas have not been set on the terminal, along with four check – in standing and 46 passport control stands. ”
The opening of the terminal is a new additional step in the development of Sochi airport and its traffic capacity, which is one of the International Olympic Committee’s requirements. On peak days, when most of the Olympic athletes and guests are expected to arrive at the airport will be able to service up to 52,000 passengers a day ,officials say .
A passenger flow optimization scheme developed has been specially at the airport Sochi for the 2014 Olympics. There are three terminals – A, B and C – operating in the main airport zone on a permanent basis. Terminal A is reserved for Aeroflot and S7 flights ,domestic flights Terminal B services from other operators ,Terminal C, international flights.

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