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European airlines serving free food and drinks?

Flying has become a mass-market business and those who want to enjoy a delicious menu with a glass of bubbly must pay a lot of money for a business or first-class ticket.

But which airlines in Europe offer a free menu in Economy?


At Lufthansa, there are free drinks and meals on almost all routes. What is served depends on the length of the flight. On small and medium-haul flights, small snacks or hot meals are served. On long-haul flights, Lufthansa offers a three-course meal in economy class with two main courses to choose from and a second meal as the flight progresses.


In the economy class, on-board catering is not included within Europe and North Africa. Passengers can, for example, buy coffee for 1.50 euros or beer for 3 euros and snacks or pre-order a menu up to 24 hours before departure. On the long haul there is a free meal and another meal before landing. Non-alcoholic drinks are also free here.


For all short- and medium-haul flights, the Lufthansa subsidiary’s highest fare (Best) offers a special snack and drinks. The smart fare is a hearty or sweet snack, a still drink and another drink. On the long-haul route, the Smart fare includes hot and cold food, as well as soft drinks and coffee with meals. The Best fare offers a free choice of bistro menu with six premium menus and snacks. In addition, the drinks are included in the price. The Basic rate of Eurowings does not include free food and drinks.


The low-cost airline does not offer free food and drinks on board. However, passengers can buy drinks and sandwiches and other snacks as well. Passengers in the Flexi fare receive a credit of 7 British pounds (around 8 euros), which they can redeem on board. From 30 days before departure, meals can also be pre-ordered online at slightly lower prices.


Free food and drinks are not available at Ryanair either. On board, passengers can buy both. As examples, the low-cost airline calls a croissant with coffee for 5 euros or a panini with drink and chips for 10 euros. On different flights, passengers can also pre-order various breakfast options.


At Germania each guest receives a free snack per flight – usually a sandwich – and soft drinks. For a flight duration of 3 hours and 45 minutes, a free hot meal is served, usually a vegetarian pasta dish. Alcoholic drinks and other snacks can be bought on board. The possibility to order food in advance is, according to spokeswoman Sabine Teller in preparation. Starting in the summer of 2018, there will also be special dishes on the flights with warm food, for example gluten-free or vegan.